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This is not always easy and can serve as excellent experience for future jobs. But I need money hahaha.

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I think it is the trend nowadays with our youth to find other things to focus on than school. And finally, having a job can help kids learn good money habits through their mistakes.

I'm not patient enough to deal with that. Works cited Axelrod, Rise B. It is certain that teenagers must be interfered with school work such as attendance and homework.

McDonald's is supposed to be a job for people who can't do anything else. Responsibilities for families are the only thing that matters to teenagers. It looks good that the kid is able to do well in school while working.

The reason why their working hours are this much long and they have to work the much days is because often fast food stores close late so they are needed to work so long time a lot of days a week.

Supposed to be more intelligent, more hard working and more talented than the people I worked with. One strategy he uses is to cite research that appears to undermine his claim and then offer an new interpretation of that evidence. Third, fast food jobs may provide a disadvantaged status.

For these reasons, first reason why the author judges fast food job as problematic job for teenagers and he wants teenagers parents to look at them employment not as automatically educational and also want teenagers to learn to balance between the fast food job and school work.

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However, I want to learn more skills by working in the field of adult. Also if their grades drop as a result of work they will have a harder time getting into college and the way to a good job is through college.

Teenagers are forced to work at places like this because they feel responsible for helping their family settle at a different place. Although, Etzioni looks at the flip side of the coin and argues that it does not automatically make it educational or wholesome lessons for our youth.

I have to say that I do agree with the overall theme of the essay which is that teenagers often undermine the importance of education while working at these types of places. Once they quit, that skill goes with it.

What I Learned From 4 Years Working at McDonald's

Basically, I was the absolute stereotype of a deadbeat McDonald's worker. This means that the money obtained from part-time jobs is not put into meaningful use.

The reason I strongly agree is because of my experience. But I don't think the same applies for disabled people or middle-aged immigrant women, for example. My experience of working for the school bus was a great asset to me. In the long term, it hampers the chances of being competitive in the job market.

I pick up a bad habit of goofing around chasing after girls, not paying attention to my school. It is about 22 hours work a week.

However, this represents one side of the risk as dropping of school is in the air as well.

Amitai Etzioni” Working at McDonald’s”

So, I got a job at fourteen years old where I worked on weekends cleaning hotel rooms. Workers will often times gain a disadvantaged status from working during school, but if they can keep up their grades it can help them in finding new jobs or getting into schools.

It is crucial for parents to guide the youngsters into employment settings that help in building professional skills. Choose Type of service. They were respected as some of our best workers. I worked a mix of part- and full-time over these years, always failing to find a "better" job.

Should kids work fast food. I have no muscles and I fluster under that kind of pressure. In the beginning of my senior year I was doing great in all of my classes than suddenly something change about me.

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While earning such money is beneficial in the short-term, the long-term implications are more or less undesirable. Etzioni said that 80 percent of the people working in fast food work more than 30 hours per week, and 58 percent of high school seniors say working affects their school work.

Over the years, I saw this stereotype play out in a number of ways. So, I really understand exactly what this author wanted to say in this essay more than others.

Sure, maybe I have different skills. Parents must play an integral role in protecting children from over-indulgence in such jobs. You will write a position paper in response to the essay in Reading Critically, Writing Well - Amitai Etzioni: "Working at McDonald's" on page You will argue for or against the positions Etzioni takes about high school students holding job, agreeing or disagreeing with Etzioni, while using the article as a source and a reference.

Evaluation of Etzioni Working at McDonalds essaysEvaluation of Working at McDonald's In Etzioni's essay, Working at McDonald's, he used many tactics to try to vindicate his opinion.

The first was to state exactly what his position was. He said right from the start that working in. “Working at McDonald’s” by Amitai Etzioni, illustrates the negativity of an “average” high school student working in a typical minimum wage job. This essay gives statics about working while in school, which gives readers a more realistic look at how working while in school can have an effect on education.

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Nov 16,  · The pros and cons discussed and presented by Amitai Etzioni “The Fast Food Factories: Mcjobs Are Bad for Kids” and Michele Mangers “The Dead-End Kids” has a lengthy works that have much to say about the use and abuse of teenagers who are undertaking and working at franchises such as McDonalds and other fast food Resolved.

Amitai etzioni working at mcdonalds essay
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